A Yellow Picnic Table

The yellow paint was drying just as this week’s chill blew in.    Our picnic table has served us well, but the paint was chipping and another winter buried under snow would have likely left scars that may have rendered it useless. Cliff L. gave us that picnic table in 2010.  He was moving and couldn’t … Continue reading

Why I preach to myself

My heart frequently condemn David Pinckney.  He is no good. Certainly not good enough for God.  He fails too often.  He can’t keep the good laws of God.  But when my heart condemns me, I preach to myself “there is now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus”  Romans 8:1 and “God is greater than … Continue reading

The Rush

My morning devotions have been in 1 Samuel.  It’s a great read.  I recommend it to you.  A chapter a day works.  One of the phrases that has smacked me in the head says, “the Spirit of God rushed upon him.”   Theologians get distracted by debates about how the Holy Spirit operated differently among Old … Continue reading

A Memorial Service for Mark

So on Saturday I’ll have part in a memorial service for one of our former elders.   Mark McDonald was a most amazing man.  He snorted when he laughed and made us laugh!  He loved to ride his motorcycle (I watched him wipe out once).   He was incredibly devoted.   He loved his wife. … Continue reading

A worshiping pastor

Below is something a church planting friend of mine wrote. I’m convicted and encouraged by it. David ——————– Eugene Peterson writing on the state of the American church when he planted in the 60’s says, “By the time I arrived on the scene as a pastor, the American church had reinterpreted the worship of God … Continue reading

Say “Thank you”

One of the early disciplines good parents teach children is to say, “Thank you”.   Oh to foster grateful hearts in children.  The sweet sound of a simple heart felt, “Thank you”.  Joy in words.   I’m guessing that is the Heavenly Dad’s joy.   He loves to hear words of gratitude.   It verbally … Continue reading