Don’t read the Bible

Whatever you do, don’t study the Bible.  It causes stability of thinking, peace in the soul, counsel in relationships and guidance in decisions.   Most importantly, it reveals Jesus.  And who would want any of these things in an unstable, conflict-ridden, relationally dysfunctional, meaningless and Christless culture?   Keep fitting into this present age!  Why be different?  Secure your place among the lost, selfish, arrogant fools.  Stay away from the Bible lest you learn a different way.


“Rivers of Grace” poem

Like healing salve flowing over my weary soul,

Or a gentle summer breeze refreshing me to my core,

So it is with the love of God

That so faithfully meets me every Sunday,

Exposing my unbelief, petty concerns and false ideas

Of who I thought he was once again;

I’m left drowning in rivers of grace,

Surprised by joy and undone by “agape love” ~

Stunned, stilled, unable to speak

And even more deeply in love than before”

by Bob Brown, a friend from York, PA

Dipping my toes In

So I’m finally dipping my toes into the stream called “blogging”.   I often say I’m about 5 years behind the latest technology.  That might make me a “late adapter” or just a “slow learner,” or perhaps just a bit overwhelmed by the gazillion options buzzing around me.  Regardless, it’s time to blog.  So blog I will.

Oh, and it’s helpful to remind myself that this is a public “web-log,” so I offer this public prayer:  “Lord Jesus, everything is about you, but not everything about me is about you.  Confessing this, I begin this new venture asking  for your gracious help and patience as I try to make words count.  Help me to not be wasteful, fearful, inappropriate, lazy or ungrateful.  Do squeeze some glory from these lines I write.  Help some people along the way.  Amen.”

Well, there it is.  My first blog entry.