A solitary dewdrop

I’ve been adding something new to my habit of spending time alone with Jesus.  I’ve been reading a sermon or two each week by Charles Spurgeon, a famous London preacher from the late 1800’s.

This week’s sermon is called “Oh, How He Loves!” from John 11:36.   Pastor Spurgeon spends most of the sermon focusing on what the love of Christ has done for us, and what the love of Christ has done to us.   If you’re interested, I could post the outline.  Stunning thoughts!

He ends the sermon with a practical third point – what some saints have done to show how they loved their Lord.   Spurgeon lists some notable demonstrations of love expressed by the faithful.   He ends with a stunning reminder:

“Yet, beloved, remember that, when our love has reached its climax [for Jesus], it can only be like a solitary dewdrop trembling on a leaf compared with the copious showers of love that pour continually from the heart of our dear Lord and Master.  Put all our loves together, and they will not fill a tiny cup, and there before us flows the fathomless, limitless, shoreless ocean of the love of Jesus; yet let us have all the love for him we can.
May the Holy Spirit fill our souls to the brim with the love to Jesus,..  AMEN”


The pink elephant

This little pink elephant was left at Concord High School after last Sunday’s Worship Gathering.   One can tell by its tattered look that it is deeply loved.   I imagine that its owner can’t wait to have their Pink Elephant back in their arms.  I was quickly reminded by this loved child’s toy that part of our mission is to return lost and tattered people to the safe care of a loving God.    New code name for the mission of the church:  Operation Pink Elephant!    OK, maybe not.

And if you know how we can return this lost Elephant, let us know.