People I am thankful for

So I’m doing my morning devotional reading from Philippians 1:1-11 (I’ll preach on this passage the first Sunday of 2013).   Verse 3 I’ve read 100’s of times without reading it.  “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you”.   It strikes me that I am very cynical.  I’m not very thankful for people.  I see the faults in people easier than their many positive contributions they make to life.

So I did a little excercise (not physical… haven’t got that far yet).  I went through my mental list of people close to me.  And when the first impression of a person was negative, I stopped and thought.   I intentionally thought through the positive contributions these people make to life, to the glory of Jesus (if they are a follower), to me…    Man, people are amazing!

Honestly, i had to repent on the spot.  For these people who I have in my “negative column” all had huge parts in the work of Jesus, in bettering my life, in using their gifts.   What a slug I am, to think that my natural, fallen wiring is to think cynical thoughts about the good people in my life.

Well that was enough for my daily devotions.  the word, reflection, repentence and now gratitude…

Off to feed the chickens…