Say “Thank you”

One of the early disciplines good parents teach children is to say, “Thank you”.   Oh to foster grateful hearts in children.  The sweet sound of a simple heart felt, “Thank you”.  Joy in words.  

I’m guessing that is the Heavenly Dad’s joy.   He loves to hear words of gratitude.   It verbally affirms a belief in the heart that the Father is good.   He is good.   To respond to his goodness is to be honest.

So why is gratitude so hard in children?   We have been molded into thinking that says we are entitled and therefore gratitude is not necessary.   We have discounted God’s great goodness and elevated our own importance.  We think we are divine and others exist as props in our story.  

Ah, so again the gospel works here.  It calls us to repent -change course.  We are not entitled.  God owes us nothing.  But he gives us everything.   The work of repentance is to be grateful, in everything.

Saying “Thank you” is a sign of restoration.   The mind, heart and mouth are restored to a place that reflects the gigantic kindnesses of God.   To be grateful is to aligned with God’s eternal glory.   

God is teaching me to say “Thank you” not because everything is perfect, pleasant or even manageable.  I am choosing to say “Thank you” because God is good.  

For this I am grateful