A Memorial Service for Mark

So on Saturday I’ll have part in a memorial service for one of our former elders.   Mark McDonald was a most amazing man.  He snorted when he laughed and made us laugh!  He loved to ride his motorcycle (I watched him wipe out once).   He was incredibly devoted.   He loved his wife.  He loved his children and grandchildren. He loved his church family.   He left a legacy.  He succeeded in establishing one of the most reputable dentist practices in Concord, NH.  He also lead with persistence a small agency called Christian Medical Mission with a compound in Dominican Republic.   From earth’s perspective he died way to early.   From heaven’s perspective some of the most influential Christians get promoted early.   I will miss Mark.  But I’m not too sad because I know he’s fully alive now.  Yes, I weep for his family, but they too are leaning heavily on the gospel.   They miss him.  But they know this is a temporary separation.   As I prepare to preach the gospel at his memorial service, I’m confident of this:  Mark wants me to talk about Jesus.   Jesus made the lasting difference in his life.  I’ve heard Mark talk of some of his darkest sins.  But Mark’s confidence in the cleansing and changing work of Jesus inspires me to live on.  Thanks Mark for leaving a legacy of a Jesus-centered life.   Thanks for being a friend, a mentor, and a fellow elder.  Thanks for not quitting on the gospel, the mission or our church.   May the repercussions of your life continue to change lives here in Concord and around the globe.   We love you.  See you soon!



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