Forgiven People Forgive People

I’m reading Unleash! by Perry Noble. Chapter 5, “Moving On”, is all about forgiveness. I’m struck again by the central part forgiveness plays to both the grand redemptive story and to my small little life. That God forgives and fully restores all who are in Jesus, well that’s it. That’s the meta-narative of existence. Glory … Continue reading

If I’m good, do I get a cookie?

So what motivates us to behave? Cookies? other rewards? Recently I read this statement, “We who are in Christ are children of God not because we are good but because God is good.” ~ @perrynoble, unleash The Gospel is great news because I am relieved of the pressure to think I have to earn Heaven … Continue reading

People I am thankful for

So I’m doing my morning devotional reading from Philippians 1:1-11 (I’ll preach on this passage the first Sunday of 2013).   Verse 3 I’ve read 100’s of times without reading it.  “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you”.   It strikes me that I am very cynical.  I’m not very thankful for people.  I see the … Continue reading

Finally, I can give blood

Can’t wait.  At 3:30 this afternoon I will finally donate a bag of blood.  I like giving blood.  I like the whole process. Especially the free cookies and pizza at the end. It’s been a long year of not giving blood.  Because I was part of the RoG mission team that went to Dominican Republic … Continue reading

I just saw God do something

Here is what I’ve just seen God do in the past few days. 1.  Multiple leaders in our church quietly confess sins in appropriate settings.   This is beautiful! (If you think leaders don’t sin, you’re living in some sort of fantasy land).   Its a clear sign that we have leaders who get their desperate condition … Continue reading

A solitary dewdrop

I’ve been adding something new to my habit of spending time alone with Jesus.  I’ve been reading a sermon or two each week by Charles Spurgeon, a famous London preacher from the late 1800’s. This week’s sermon is called “Oh, How He Loves!” from John 11:36.   Pastor Spurgeon spends most of the sermon focusing on what the love of Christ has … Continue reading